Serving 6000+ happy and healthy customers, since 2012!
Switching to edible spoons and Elemental chlorine free paper packaging,we have gone complete Eco-Friendly!
Plan your meals in advance and have your salads delivered at your door-step

Welcome To Olive Plato

What makes us different

Delicious salads and soups that have been designed to provide a balanced nutritious meal. Freshly cut vegetables and fruits with complimentary dressings delivered to your door-step pave the way to a healthier you.

About Our Services


A wide range of healthy and nourishing soups made from fresh vegetables and fruits!


Healthy vegetarian salads made from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and dry fruits that satisfy your tummy and taste buds.


A carefully curated combination of Salad-Soup that is sure to keep you light and going for the day.


100% pure vegetarian we support veganism.

Why Olive Plato


The journey started 7 years back. Aug 2012 we delivered our first salad. From then on, it was only looking forward. Experiments, discoveries, new recipes and refined processes were our co travelers! The 7 years have given us with loads of inputs and you will surely benefit from the richness of this experience. Now we have taken up a bigger kitchen to serve you even better, more initiatives to take all of us even closer to nature and of course state of art technology to make each one’s lives convenient.

Our effort is to make your experience warm cozy and comfortable. Our Door step delivery will ensure that the pack of your health food will be right at your door step whether at office or at your home.

It will be so easy if someone takes care of your health regimes. Olive Plato will make your healthy food intake absolutely regular. Regularity - A quality that your doctor and fitness trainer will compliment you for.

If we talk about the ancient Indian traditions, vegetarianism comes unsaid. Be it Ayurveda or be it The Yogic tradition, all have insisted on consuming only vegetarian food. Lets be honest and ask our body, what does it like to digest, and we know the answer. For all of you who care for your bodies and your soul, ‘Pure Veg’ is our promise. A gentleman’s word.

We order only as per requirement avoid any excesses. That keeps us loyal to nature and our middle line under control. Our kitchen waste will find its way to utility… and offering we will launch next. Our spoons….. you may try for yourself!

Eco-Friendly Eco-Foodie Eco-Sensitive

Olive Plato Is Now Available On Andriod And IOS