About Us

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”

Olive Plato is born from the pioneering passion of cooking and bringing palatable salads and soups to the doorstep of many homes across the Oxford of the East, Pune. A venture that made eating salads and soups interesting, tasteful and easy 6 years ago for 6 years with 6000+ customers is back with renewed energy.

What to expect in Olive Plato 2.0 ?

Get ready for newer recipes, an extended menu of healthy and yummy breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, your meals made informative, engaging and rewarding, more inclusive delivery locations, and an upgraded platform to order it all. Subscribe and stay tuned as we unfold our new offerings and help you achieve your health goals month on month. It’s time your mind, body, and health whispers those five magical words to you, “O’live me loves O’live you!” cause we definitely do!

  • To make healthy eating a lifestyle that is tasty, mindful, soulful, informative and an everyday habit
  • To introduce salads, soups and other healthy food options as a delectable choice into the gastronomes of every home to promote health, mindfulness, and happiness

“Annual Report”

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